What Is Sharia Law and How Is It Infiltrating Western Democracy?

It is supposed to be the law of Islam, that is as cast from Muhammad’s words. He supposedly dictated the Quran. It regulates public and private behaviour and even private beliefs. It prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation and is deemed the most intrusive and restrictive, especially against women. It is making inroads into western democracies in America, Canada, the United States, and United Kingdom.

Before examining the laws in detail it is worth expressing some facts from my research, which is all verified and available on the Internet. Islam began in Babylon, its original home, some 4,000 years ago. It was the home of the Amor, the same as those who ran the Persian Empire. They are described in text as the most brutal, animal like savages.

They set up their next Capital in Mary, the ancient city whose remains are 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. This is the name of the sun in Babylon and the sun-star sits in the crescent moon on all of its flags, mosques, and are the two icons inside the Kaaba at Mecca.

Men could ‘marry’ Mary by dying on crosses and rising the sun-beams to heaven at dawn. The beams were ‘or-s’ or ‘sun-light’ and the origin of ‘horse’, the beast that men still ride. It is from this that the name ‘Oris’ and ‘Osiris’ were derived.

The Amor built their next Capital city in Italy and called it Roma (reverse Amor) and were able to bury their previous history when they called themselves the Romans. They continued to build their empire with the same type of savagery, torture, murder, and enslavement of survivors.

Constantine, one of their descendants, founded the Catholic Church in 325 AD based on his Islamic religion. The symbols, costumes, order of service, festivals, calendar, and the law, are identical. They were brought from the Islamic religion into this one when Jerome was appointed by the Vatican to do it. By the way the Vatican was built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) and Jerome wrote the New Testament based on this premise.

The Vatican then appointed Augustine to form another branch of itself. He did that through the husband of one of his parishioners, called Muhammad. He then compiled the Quran in the same way as Jerome did the New Testament. The tricks, forgeries, cover-up, and mysteries that the religion engages in is mind-blowing. It is based on nothing more than the Islamic religion of Babylon.

My research has gone back through that time and beyond to piece together the story of how religion came about and of its history. Those who are brain-washed into it will never see the light because that’s what their minds can’t now penetrate. All religion has come from this source and all of it is evil.

Point of the Sharia Law to be taken notice of and opposed:

1. Theft punishable by amputation of hands

2. Criticising Quran or denying Muhammad is punishable by death

3. Criticisng Allah is punishable by death

4. To become a non-Muslim is punishable by death

5. A female raped by a man cannot testify in court

6. A raped female who cannot produce 4 witnesses is guilty of adultery

7. Muslim men have sexual access to any woman not wearing a hijab

8. Men can have 4 wives but women only 1 husband

9. Infant girls can be married and it consummated when they are 9 years old

10. Girls clitoris should be cut

11. A divorced woman loses custody of her children when they are six years old

12. A woman cannot drive a car

13. Meat to eat must be sacrificed to Allah

14. Muslims are to subjugate the world under Islam

The list is longer and far more extensive. This is what we are allowing into Western Free Societies, and many are standing up for it who don’t know or understand what it is or how it will affect everyone in the country if and when it is allowed and sanctioned.